Products & Services

Fire Sprinkler Inspection
  • Inspect all types of automatic sprinkler systems
  • Inspect foam systems and perform maintenance and service
  • Visually inspect sprinklers from floor level to check for corrosion, obstructions to spray patterns, foreign material, paint, and physical damage
  • Inspect sprinkler piping annually for overall condition, mechanical damage, leakage, corrosion, and misalignment
  • Quarterly inspections of standpipes, standpipe hose connections, standpipe hose cabinets, and 2" main drains
  • Perform annual fire pump test
  • Full flow standpipe testing every 5 years, meeting NFPA 14 Requirements
  • Perform weekly fire pump run maintenance
  • Verify that hydraulic nameplates are securely attached to the sprinkler riser
  • Annual testing of all fire hydrants
  • Perform 5 and 10 year internal inspections
  • Provide records of all required inspections and tests of fire protection systems & devices
Fire Alarm Inspection
  • Inspection of panel functionality, LED's, fuses, battery charger, etc.
  • Battery Inspections - visual and discharge test
  • Test & visual inspection of annunciating devices such as horns, strobes, bells, etc.
  • Test & visual inspection of smoke detectors and heat detectors
  • Test fire sprinkler devices connected to alarms including flow switches, tampers switches, pressure switches, etc.
  • Test & visual inspection of duct smoke detectors
  • Test & visual inspection of Solenoid devices
  • Test & visual inspection of voice evacuation equipment
  • Testing of fire pump monitor points (loss of phase, phase reversal, pump running, etc.